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Today I will be writing about my journey going cruelty free with my makeup, skin care and other body care products. This has been quite a difficult transition for me. I have failed so many times going back to brands that are not cruelty free. Here on Aruba where I’m currently living it is difficult to find cruelty free options especially when it comes to skin and body care. However, I’m currently back on track trying to search for cruelty free brands that are available on the island. When it comes to makeup I’m really happy to see a variety of options and products that really work. However, when it comes to skincare is where I struggle the most. My skin is really sensitive, oily and acne prone thus most of the time I use dermatological recommended products and most of the times these are not cruelty free. I know people say that to make a difference you have to go full on cruelty free but in my case it’s not always something I can accomplish, but that does not mean I give up, I do keep on trying. What I want to say is to not beat yourself up if for your personal use you can’t find a cruelty free option, try your best and work with what you have. Every tiny difference counts. But most importantly do what is best for your own personal health. An personal example is that I suffer from chronic hair loss and the products that work for me are not cruelty free and I tried other products but these didn’t work, so for myself I have to use these non cruelty free hair products but I still try to buy makeup from cruelty free brands only. In one category I can’t change it but I try harder in other categories. And remember every change you can do in what you buy does make a difference.

*Story Time*

Lately I’m finishing my non cruelty free skin care products and I was looking for cruelty free options. This is very difficult for me because my skin is super oily, sensitive and acne prone like I mentioned. I suffered a lot with my skin in the past that changing my skin care routine can be very scary. I currently am using the brand Clinique for oily skin and it does wonders for my skin. Or other brands like Vichy, Le Roche-Posay, Eucerin and Ducray. However they are not cruelty free so I am looking for brands that would work for me. I was looking around the store last time and I saw the brand Aveeno and in my head they were cruelty free so I decided to purchase a small face wash to try it out. I started to like how gentle is was on my skin and how soft it left it but the surprise I got when I went to search if they had other products and to confirm it was cruelty free. This brand is sadly not cruelty free. I was really sad because they seem to have really good products but this is a brand I can skip. If you know any good skin care brands for oily skin please let me know.

Now I will share some things I learned a long the way trying to go cruelty free.

It’s not easy, I have to admit that this transition was and is still not an easy one. I struggle a lot and get stressed out when I need to use a non cruelty free product. The good thing is that I started to learn how to deal with this and can say I’m at peace now with my decisions I take when purchasing products. I look at the brands, I read about them and about their ingredients and these steps helped me understand skin care much better. It’s definitely worth trying.

Do your research. This is the number one thing you need to do; research, research and more research. This is when I failed and bought a wrong product. I would recommend if you are unsure about the brand search this before buying so you can be sure about it. There are a lot of helpful sites on the internet that can help you.

Some of the sites that I use are:

These three I use the most but there are plenty more on the internet that you can search on. The reason I never only use one site when doing my research is because sometimes they are not all up to date and in my perspective if you find the product on more that one site you can be more certain this is really cruelty free.

Another thing I learned while struggling to make my decisions on what to buy is that the word natural, clean are not always the best options. I stopped looking at the words and started looking at the ingredient list and I try to make sure I’m buying cruelty free. I don’t attempt to buy vegan or only natural products my personal main concern is buying cruelty free. So, I do my research look at the brands and ingredients list. Marketing words can be convincing but are not always true, so I would always recommend you to verify before you buy.

Lastly I would like to share my favorite cruelty free brands I currently own and enjoy.

My main favorite brand is Too Faced. This brand is still debatable if it’s cruelty free or not because of the mother company. In my perspective it is. It is very nice to see companies that are not cruelty free come out with cruelty free options. The best would be that they become completely cruelty free but they are trying.

  • Urban Decay (also debatable because of mother company)
  • Essence cosmetics
  • Colourpop
  • The Balm
  • Covergirl
  • ELF
  • Vogue (Colombian brand; everything seems to indicate that they are cruelty free)
  • NYX
  • L.A Girl cosmetics
  • Beauty Creations

Body care that are cruelty free and that I love are;

  • Lush
  • The body shop
  • Aruba Aloe

I’m currently doing my research and trying to find more cruelty free brands if you know about one I haven’t mentioned please let me know especially for skin care.

Thank you so much for reading today’s post. Not everyone will agree with my point of views and opinions but all opinions are respected here, what are yours on cruelty free? Let’s have a conversation about it, debate respectfully and remember we can help educate each other as long as we show respect to one and other.

Stay Safe Everybody

Have a great, blessed and positive day everyone!

Thank you so much for reading and checking out my blog.

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Love, Rachel

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