My Endometriosis Story // 2 Years

Hi there loves,

I hope you are doing well. I haven’t post in a while, like I mentioned in my last July update, we are dealing with a lot lately worldwide and we need to listen to ourselves. I really did not feel like sharing content. I took time to spend with my family and loved ones, took time to read, relax and to make myself feel more like myself again. On the other hand I’m currently really inspired and would like to start sharing content again.

Today I’m going to share something completely different and more personal. My endometriosis story.

Today September 5th marks exactly 2 years that I have been diagnosed with endometriosis. A complicated health issue. I thought about sharing my story for a long time but I was afraid to do so. However, today I decided to share this in case there is a female out there suffering from horrible abdominal pain and not knowing what she has. I want to share this to show my fellow females that you are not alone, endometriosis can be harsh experience but stay positive because there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

My story begins at the end of 2017. I just graduated University and wanted to change my room. I started moving furniture, painting and doing everything to make my room more myself for my new journey after University. What I didn’t know was that there was a whole other journey ahead. While working on my room in October I got a horrible abdominal pain, I thought it was because I was moving heavy things around. I took a painkiller and felt better. With the days this pain came again, and each time a little worse. I went to the doctors but none had an answer for me. They told me it was just muscle pain or period pain. As weeks went by I started to feel worse, I started to get pain in my back as well, I started to get horrible migraines and the abdominal pain was way worse. I went to gynecologists but they told me I was fine, nothing to worry about. I told them something is wrong I can feel it. I asked if they could do more tests but they refused because I was “too young” to have something. Each month I would get another gynecologists so I started back at 0 but none of them tried more than to take an echo of my ovaries and telling me the pain is in my head because everything is fine.

December came around I couldn’t sleep because of the pain. It hurts when I stand, sit, walk or sleep and it didn’t go away. Here is where I stared to get even more worried because I had a pain that no painkiller would help and the doctors are telling me it’s in my head. I couldn’t go out anymore because of the pain and exhaustion I felt. From December to February I started to go frequently to the emergency room because of the pain. It was so painful that I felt sick to my stomach. I got tested for many infections or illnesses but every time these came back alright. I still remember the 7th of January of 2018, I told my family I couldn’t deal with the pain anymore and started crying because I just couldn’t deal with it anymore. They took me to the emergency room but I was fine, all the results came back alright. In March the depression started and got worse because I was told to stop with what I was feeling because It was mentally. I started to believe that and my lifestyle changed completely. It was just me and my pain and the thoughts. It was a hard period of time for me because I was always having anxiety attacks, I just wanted to sleep all the time, I didn’t work on anything, I distanced myself from friends, family and loved ones. I felt pretty lonely. I went from this productive and happy person to a person who did not want to move.

In April my parents said it was enough and we took a plane to Colombia. In Colombia they helped me so well, they listened to me and try to understand what was going on. They immediately conducted a test that checked my body for cancerous cells and a full body scan. Thank god all these results came back alright. I met with a gynecologist that helped me so well. He was really interested in helping me and did everything he could so we could find what my problem was. A helpful thing I did was I started writing down when I felt the pain, how I felt the pain and any other symptoms I felt with it. This help indicate the doctor that I could have endometriosis. We planned my surgery for September, took a treatment that would help during the time I was preparing and saving up for the surgery. I had to pay every cent on my own, it wasn’t easy because a surgery is expensive and you have to be prepared for extra costs. I took a plane back to Aruba and starting to prepare for my surgery.

While taking the pill I noticed that it effected me emotionally. I got more depressed and couldn’t deal with all the emotions so I called the doctor and we decided to stop it until after the surgery. I felt much better and started to work for my surgery. On Aruba the doctors kept telling me it’s nothing but I was preparing for my surgery so I didn’t pay attention to them. During all this time the only thing that kept me sane was praying and believing that GOD will help me out of this. My faith was stronger than the pain.

On September 3rd 2018 we took another flight to Medellin, Colombia. On the 4th I conducted all the necessary tests in order to undergo the surgery on the 5th. Everything came back well and I was ready for my surgery. I still remember going to a small chapel in the Hospital in order to pray for my surgery and health. Like I mentioned prayers are what got me through this. GOD did a miracle for me and thanks to him I can be okay today. On the 5th of September I was early at the hospital with my mom. We prayed once again at the chapel and I went in for my surgery. The nurses, the doctor and everyone at Hospital Pablo Tobon Uribe in Medellin where amazing human beings to me. They made sure I was okay, I felt safe and that I knew everything that was about to happen. I thank god for sending such good people in my path.

I remember waking up from my surgery, vomiting and asking what I had. They told me I can be calm that I have endometriosis and not cancer. The doctor would explain everything to me later. I saw my mom and just hugged her for a long time. I thanked god that I was okay and tried to rest some more. I went back to the hotel where we were staying and slept the rest of the day. What was amazing is that he doctor messaged me all the time asking me if I was okay and assured me that everything will be fine. As the days passed I felt better. The days after the surgery where not easy, it hurt and I was crying when I had to pee because it hurt so much. After a couple of days I went back to the doctors office where he explained to me what I had and what we could do to make me feel better and try to have a normal life again.

On one side I was relieved because I did not have cancer or a life threatening health issue but on the other side I was scared to what was to come. Endometriosis is when tissues of your uterus grows outside of your uterus. It comes in many stages and every woman experiences this different. This can weaken your everyday life and there is no cure for this. So, you have it for the rest of your life. Being said that I was in shock that I had no idea what endometriosis was but the scarier part was hearing that there is no cure. We had a long chat and the doctor prescribed me another medicine. This has been the pill I have been taking ever since and let me tell you it has improved my life so much.

Today I can say I feel very good. I still get pain, I still get horrible bloating and other symptoms but I can move without pain in every movement. I can sleep straight without the pain waking me up, I can go out and live. My life and health has improved so much in these 2 years that everyday I wake up I thank god for helping with this. Without him this was not possible. I’m going to be honest it was not easy, they made me feel I was crazy, I was weak from excruciating pain on a daily basis but slowly I started from 0 and today I can say I’m happy to be alive.

It took me 2 years to get here it was not in one day. But did you know there are females that suffer for more than 5 years before they get diagnosed? If you have symptoms that you feel can be related to endometriosis don’t give up until they tell you what is wrong. Don’t ever feel bad for wanting a answer for your pain. You deserve to know! Don’t let the doctors tell you that you are crazy! You are in pain. Fight until you know because you intuition is not wrong. Listen to it.

If you have endometriosis I send all the good vibes your way. This illness is not easy but we are stronger than this. Having surgery every couple of months or years will not be easy but have faith that you will feel better. Maybe in order to get the right medicine for you it will take many trails and error but don’t give up. We won’t be able to live normally but cry when you need to and rest your body when its necessary and than continue. Don’t beat yourself up, some days are going to be great and some bad but take it one day at the time. I know we smile trough excruciating pain and that is what makes us ENDO WARRIORS!

This is my ENDOMETRIOSIS story.

Stay Safe Loves!

Have a great, blessed and positive day everyone!

Thank you so much for reading and checking out my blog.

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Love, Rachel

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5 thoughts on “My Endometriosis Story // 2 Years

  1. It’s very disappointing when doctors are not listening to you when you tell them something is wrong. I’m glad you got the right answers, even if you had to travel to Colombia for them and you feel better than before. Take care x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi there thanks for visiting my blog and sorry for the late reply.
      But I feel you, the doctors just don’t listen to us. I had to walk a long journey before receiving my diagnose and treatment. I know it’s not easy but wishing you the best of luck with your journey, I hope you find a doctor that really listen and can help you. Wishing you all the best girlie. Hugs. – Rachel


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