Anxiety & Low Motivation

Hi there loves,

I hope you are doing well. The year started off great for me however as the days passed by I was getting highly irritated quite easily, I didn’t want to do the things that I loved to do and I was slowly drifting apart. I want to be honest and raw on here to be able to share with you what reality can be for some people. My aim sharing this with you is not compassion however, bring awareness so we as a community can be a little more kind to others. I suffer from anxiety but I have managed to get it under control for a while but it came back and I wasn’t able to control it. It took me weeks of working on to be able to feel back to normal again. If you suffer from anxiety I would like to share the following with you. It’s valid what you are feeling but some people may find it hard to understand you and will judge you. I want you to find that hope in your heart to stay kind to yourself. Talk with a trusted person, journal if you can’t speak your feelings but most important seek help. I was diagnosed by a doctor and have learned how I can deal with my anxiety that is why I can do this sometimes on my own but if you feel you can’t please talk to someone because Anxiety is real. Allow yourself time to heal and get better. Sometimes we get back in that rut period of time but stay strong and work towards your well being. After every rut period I feel like I have learned something new about myself or learn new ways to calm down. Right now I feel like I’m in a pretty good place and have been working on fun things that slowly made me motivated to start many new ideas. That is why I wanted to encourage you today to love yourself, allow yourself to feel those feeling good and bad, work hard on getting better and always remain strong.

With anxiety comes low motivation in my case. I had no spark in writing anymore, something I enjoy doing. I allowed myself to distance myself from this blog space and forget about it completely until one day I was at the beach and many ideas started to flow for my blog. There is when I realized that I do love writing and this blog was important to me. I was just not in the right place to share thoughtful things with you as the reader so I wanted to share a small fraction of what was going on for almost 3 months. It took time to find my motivation but the one thing that truly helped was journaling it allowed me to find what was bothering me and work on this. It also allowed me to write about everything I would like to share with you, even new ideas. So I wanted to share what I did to help me get my motivation back.

In order to help me get my motivation back I did the following

  • Journal: Write everything you are feeling or have in your head. This will allow you to calm down and get your thoughts together. What helped me the most was this.
  • Religion: For me religion is important so I started to pray more and read more into my religion. This helped me re-organize my thoughts and feel calmer during the day. I spend hours reading about god, maybe you can learn more about your own religion.
  • Take long walks or drive around: I mostly drove around in my car with music and concentrating on the traffic and sunset. I took longer or other directions in order to be by myself a little longer and enjoy the wind in my hair. Long walks also help with blood flow and taking long breath helped my feel calmer. Eventually I felt like I didn’t need these to feel better I was just happier.
  • Go to the beach: Even if it is to just take a short swim. The sound of the waves made me feel more grounded with my thoughts and emotions.

  • Start somewhere: After feeling so stuck I started by organizing my room, than my work space and slowly I was feeling the accomplishment and motivation to do better everyday. And today I’m writing this to share with you. It feel surreal to go from feeling stuck and in a rut to feeling motivated to write and continue with my work.

I hope you enjoy today’s post about anxiety and motivation. I know I have been gone for so long but I wanted to work on my well-being and self development is this something you maybe would like to see on my blog? I would be happy to share things I learn along the way. I hope I inspired you to be a bit more kinder to people around you because we don’t know what they are going trough. I wish you a beautiful day ahead and I hope you stick around to see more on Simply Rachel May.


Have a great, blessed and positive day everyone!

Thank you so much for reading and checking out my blog.

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Thank you so much for checking my blog, I highly appreciate it and I hope you liked it as well. Remember to take care of yourself. 

Love, Rachel


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A simple 26 year old girl living on a beautiful Island called Aruba that loves to write, take pictures, conduct research, living positively and simple living since April 2017.

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