Gift Ideas // Blogmas 2019

Hi there loves,

Happy Saturday!

Today I thought I would bring you the old but returning gift ideas post. Like I mentioned in previous blog-mas posts the gift is not the most important thing about Christmas but we do gift each other presents on Christmas day. This is one of the reasons why I thought I would share my gift ideas with you this year. When gifting someone something I always look into their lifestyle or maybe something they have mentioned before in a conversation. This is to be able to gift someone something they truly want and as mentioned before my family even shares a list of what we want so the person can choose something of the list this is to avoid gifting things that will not be used or avoid creating more clutter. Every family is different and sometimes you just want to surprise someone so I will share some recommendations with you.

My gift recommendations are

  • Books

If you know the person loves to read ask them what they have on their to read list or simply choose a new book in the category they love to read for example a new book in self-help. A book may seem so simple but it can make a huge difference in the person’s life when they read the book. Be their impact in 2020.

  • Stationary

If you are gifting someone that is attending school/university, working or simply loves stationary the perfect gift would be stationary. In Aruba we have a new store that has the cutest stationary. If you live in Aruba definitely check them out! Paper Sisters (Not Sponsored, I just love their products).

  • Planner

We are heading into a new year and a new planner can always benefit a person if they are the kind of person that uses planners. Keep in mind that there are different types of planners and each can have a different purpose, that is why you should put thought into it and gift the person the right planner for their lifestyle. A thoughtful gift that can help them get or stay organized for/during 2020.

Two planners I have had my eye on are these:

Lavendaire Workbook // Planner

Muchelle B // The Life Map

(Not sponsored, I have had them on my list to purchase for myself and I thought it would be a nice gift idea)

  • Handmade Gifts

For me gifting someone a gift has to have a meaning towards the gift that is why I think handmade gifts are the best and you don’t need to break the bank.

  • A visit to a nice Restaurant

Sometimes an experience can be so much more meaningful compared to a gift that is why I recommend a visit to a nice restaurant or even a visit to a place that person has been meaning to visit for so long.

  • Something to start or help their business

If you know the person you are gifting something has a business or is thinking on opening a business gift them something that will help them reach or start that dream. For example. If the person has to take good pictures for her store a gadget to help her can be very helpful. Or. If that person has help with educational material gifting them a gift card or simply gifting them a payment for the class will help them tremendously.

  • What is closer to your heart that you know they will love

Sometimes you know the person better so gift them something you know in your heart that they will love.

Thank you so much for checking blog-mas out! I hope I helped you choose the gift for that person in your life.

Have a great, blessed and positive day everyone!

Thank you so much for reading and checking out my blog.

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Thank you so much for checking my blog, I highly appreciate it and I hope you liked it as well. Remember to take care of yourself. 

Love, Rachel

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