Does Minimalism & Shopping go together?

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Today I though I would bring an interesting topic on the blog.

Minimalism, a word many of us use these days but what is it really? Are we bad people if we own a lot of stuff or are we a good person just because we barely own anything? Are we allowed to purchase anything? Some thoughts I had when I was learning about minimalism. What am I suppose to do? How do I even start?

Like I have always said Minimalism is living with what makes us happy, not referring happiness to products and simply make conscious dissensions when it comes to purchasing. Being conscious of what we consume has been something very important that I have learned when looking into Minimalism. But I feel like another person living minimalist will definitely judge my choices because we are not basing minimalism on the same concept. Like I always stated and will state “We all have our own definition of Minimalism”. This is one of the reasons why I wanted to write about shopping while trying to live a “minimalism” life with what we truly enjoy.

As a consumer I don’t purchase products based on minimalism standards nor do I purchase many products at the same time. I have learned to purchase products I need, I truly want and that I can afford. An example I can give you is I use to go to Zara on regular basis to purchase clothes because I had the option and means to. Comparing this situation with my choices today, I rather save my money and travel instead and on top of this I get to use my clothes to the max of their ability meaning really using my money. Getting rid of my unused clothing has drastically decreased. However, this does not mean I do not go shopping or when I see a good bargain I will pass. I still go on shopping trips, I still purchase something I need when there is a bargain but the way I do this has changed so much!

So, the main question is: Does Minimalism and Shopping go together?

I my opinion, YES they do.

  • Products change, you can find improved versions
  • Products/Clothing get old, we need to change them
  • We grow and we change, so does our choices

We just have to make conscious decisions & do what is best for ourselves.

My mistakes at the beginning with this:

  • I threw most of my clothes away because to be a minimalist I had to own good quality clothes in small amounts. Oh how wrong was I! I just created more clutter for myself and I got rid of my favorite cheaper clothes. On top of this, this made me spend a lot of money which I could have use for other things. Do I regret this? Yes, but it has teach me a valuable lesson.
    • Lesson learned: Don’t follow everything you see, Do your research well and than apply it to your own lifestyle.
  • Another mistake was buying clothes because it was capsule wardrobe inspired but not something I would wear on daily basis. Again I have spend a lot of money on clothes I didn’t wear that ended up in a donation box.
    • Lesson learned: Don’t loose your own sense of style while following something else. Never loose your own, you can try and learn but never change to “better” because it’s now always best.
  • Everything that is expensive is better. It’s actually not.
    • Lesson learned: Buy what you can, without putting yourself into trouble to  find the money to buy that expensive product. Of course you can save the money for something expensive just don’t harm your mental health for expensive things. Remember choose things that make YOU happy.

How I am now:

  • I go shopping without going overboard. I can actually go somewhere, look around and buy something if I consider it necessary or I want to try something.
  • When shopping online I always put everything I like in my Wish-List and after a while I go back to these things and keep only what I really like. After this,  when I have the money to buy these I purchase them. I know it makes the purchasing process longer but I will be sure that I’m buying something I really want and I’m making sure I have the money for it.
  • Try it on before you buy it. Something I hated to do in the past but I have to do now, otherwise I won’t purchase the item of clothing. Many time we purchase something without knowing how it will fit and after we don’t like it we become lazy to exchange it and we end up with something we won’t use. I always remind myself, try it on before purchasing it.
  • I still make purchases that I regret or product I end up not using but I’m still learning how to improve.
  • I’m making progress on saving money and budgeting.

Many people will say oh but you are not a true minimalist but Minimalism is simply a word and we use it in our context and we all have different ideas. I respect each and everyone that uses the word minimalism in their own context, however I do think something I want to shift from using minimalism to simple living. What do you think? Should I change this?

What are your thoughts on this topic? Let’s exchange ideas without judging one or other.

Thank you so much for reading and for your support!


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Have a great, blessed and positive day everyone!

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