7 Activities to help Increase Productivity

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Today we are still in Productive August mode. Even though this post had to be up for Saturday, life happened and I am obligated to post it on a later date. This is exactly what I share in the post 3 Simple Lifestyle Changes to Increase Productivity. Sometimes we don’t need to push it otherwise you won’t be completely happy with the work. I’m a perfectionist so I try to work with my own phase as long as the finished product is the way I like. I will have to get back up to date with my posting day’s which are on Saturdays. I’m doing my best to get back on track. This is why I’m going to share 7 activities that can help increase productivity.

Let’s get to it

I don’t do these all the time nor in this order.

  • Write it down

This is the one activity that I always do. I tend to forget things very easily so if I don’t write it down somewhere I will forget it. What I do is, I always have a notebook with me where ever I go. I make sure to write everything down, sometimes I put it in my phone however sometimes I forget to check my phone. This is why I prefer a notebook.

Another things to write down are your thoughts. When we feel un-productive sometimes is due to our crowded mind. I get this a lot that I need to write everything down in order to continue with my tasks. It has been helping me tons since I started doing this.

  • Plan it

This helps you do it, in my case it does. For certain things I always say: “I will eventually do it” and at the end of the day I didn’t do it. So to make it more accountable for myself I plan it in my day in order to make it happen.

  • Take breaks

Something I learned that you have to do in order to continue to be productive. Sometimes it’s hard to take a break when we have little time and so much work but a small break can make a big difference.

  • Have productive quotes

I’m not saying fill every room with positive quotes. I’m saying have some quotes that you can look at when you feel you can’t go on or want to give up. Sometimes our work, projects or what you are working on can become so daunting that we want to give up but this is when we need to push a little harder to finish and be proud of ourselves and our work. Don’t give up, keep pushing.

  • Listen to Podcasts

This is something I try to do at least once a week in order to keep my mind fresh with information, experiences of others or simply inspiration. When learning from other we can improve ourselves or learn that others didn’t simply find success but they had to work hard as well in order to get to where they are. This can inspire you to try harder as well.

  • Read books

This is something I do when I take breaks. By reading books to help you be more productive or even better your working habits can also help you to increase your productivity in the long run. One thing to keep in mind is that not everything you find in books will work for you, so it’s an try an error trail until you find what works for you.

  • Self-Care

This is an important subject but I will go in more details in a following post. Taking time for yourself will help you relax your mind in order to continue forward. Our mind and body needs to wind down before continuing working forward. What do you do for your self-care?

Thank you do much for reading and I hope you have a productive day. What do you do in order to stay productive? Share these so we can learn more tips.


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Have a great, blessed and positive day everyone!

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