3 Simple Lifestyle Changes to Increase Productivity

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Blessed Monday

Today I wanted to share a simple, short but helpful blog-post.I thought I would share the 3 simple lifestyle changes I’m implementing in my weekly routine in order to be more productive and being able to enjoy life and work more. I’m a person if I put my mind to something I won’t stop working until I accomplish it. This is good in a way however, it always led me to continuously working without being able to stop. This is why I wanted to incorporate simple lifestyle changes that will improve my productivity.


Take a break

The first change would be to take a break. I know right! You must have heard it a 1000 times yet I still repeat it. I had to share this because I would work, sleep and repeat until I couldn’t concentrate or get my work done and taking a break meant giving up on the work or never getting it done. In reality it’s not like that, we need to give our brain a break in order to continue to working well. Now I make sure that I set 1 day a week where I’m allowed to do anything to nothing and really give myself a break. I have been doing this for about three weeks and it has been working wonders. I’m able to actually finish what I start and really have good content work wise. Don’t feel guilty for taking a break, remember that you do need it. One thing is to go back to work and don’t get stuck in the moment of taking a break.

To give you ideas on what I do to take a break:

  • Go to the beach and actually relax, get the body moving
  • Read a book that don’t require you to learn
  • Go outside and drink a coffee while thinking about nothing
  • Go out and take a walk
  • Hang out with friends

Don’t push it

If you wake up one day and feel like you can’t work and everything you try doesn’t work, don’t push it. If you force something you won’t get the outcome you want. Many times I did this and afterwards I wasn’t completely happy with the finish product. If it’s something you need to finish you know you need to push trough, do it. But if you can take a break or do something else before this task, do it because it will help you change subjects and help you do a better work in the end. I do this when I need to write a blog-post, create marketing content or positivism content. Because believe me not everyday we are able to come up with these amazing ideas sometimes we can get stuck too. This has been happening a lot but I try to wait it off, brainstorm on it, maybe even change it or else as long as I can find my way trough it. It has been helping me get things done and loving the outcome.

Keep your space and inspirational

The last thing I changed is to keep my working space clean and inspirational. Normally I would have many papers, ideas, everything on my desk that when I saw this I would just walk away. I couldn’t work nor concentrate because of the mess, so one day I woke up, cleaned my desk, de-clutter old papers and I put up some inspirational quotes. After this I noticed I was able to concentrate and work better and it even inspired me to keep my space clean. With space it can also be your computer! I organized this and now it’s so much easier to find files and work better. The quotes help me to stay positive as well which increased my productivity.

These are the 3 small lifestyle changes I incorporated in my daily tasks to help me be more productive and enjoy m work life as well. I hope I can inspire you to incorporate at least one little change that can help you be more productive. Do you do different things to be more productive? Let me know and maybe I can learn more as well. I wish you a productive week ahead!

thank you

Have a great, blessed and positive day everyone!

Thank you so much for reading and checking out my blog.

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Thank you so much for checking my blog, I highly appreciate it and I hope you liked it as well. Remember to take care of yourself. 

Love, Rachel

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A simple 26 year old girl living on a beautiful Island called Aruba that loves to write, take pictures, conduct research, living positively and simple living since April 2017.

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