E-Aruba Business Seminar // My experience & some tips

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Last Saturday I attended a business seminar that is held once a year here in Aruba. I do this because I work as a marketing consultant and creator for a family owned business and as you know I love my blogging hobby. I go to these events to be able to refresh my mind and gather other ideas. The digital marketing section was once of the main ones of this year and I think this was great because this is a section that is growing very fast. Here on Aruba we have to stay up to date even if we are a small island. Attending this gave me the opportunity to also learn how they apply different types of marketing and technology in other countries as well.

I really liked it and enjoyed it this year however, I did like it best last year though. Even though there where many differences and upgrades this year my favorite one so far was the information the speakers provided and the panel discussion. In general I feel that I was able to update my knowledge and gain a fun experience. By sharing and discussing we are able to understand a lot more than if we hold the information only to ourselves.


  • This event was held on Saturday June 8th, 2019
  • There where 4 Top International Speakers and and 2 Top Local Speaker.
  • It was from 8am – 2pm

International Speakers:

  • Natalia Pelaez Gomez
  • Jess Todtfeld
  • Saina Shelton
  • Maciej Szczepaniak

I thought I would share some tips from the international speakers with you today because like I always believe is by sharing we gain more knowledge. Of course that there are some types of information that don’t need to share but when it comes to learning I feel that it can make us grow. I will share it in a way that I understood it so I’m not going to just rephrase what they shared but add my own knowledge and understanding to it as well.

I hope you enjoy these and FYI if you are in the marketing, digital marketing department you will know these however, I thought I might share some with you any ways. 


  • How to build a successful digital marketing plan?

First thing is to have a goal.

What is your marketing objective? Be specific for example how many people you want to reach. Because when it’s clear what you want to accomplish, it makes it easier to measure in order to conclude if it was a success or not.

The funnel she shared consisted in the following:

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Conversion (Natural action into sales)

How can you accomplish this (conversion):

  1. Less content – More relevance // Don’t share information or social media posts because you like you need to have content. Try on working to make it more relevant to the customer/consumer than just sharing because you need to. This is going to have a more positive affect.
  2. Measure – Test & Learn // We don’t have the perfect information already because every company is different and customers/consumers change. In such a fast changing world we need to be able to measure, test and learn in order to be more successful.
  3. Analyze results. I know this may seem like a are you serious? However, many of us don’t analyze our results. How can we conclude something if we don’t analyze our results? It is very important. Also to be able to understand we must analyze. So don’t forget this important step!
  • Experience

Two of the speakers really concentrated on the word Experience. Now we live in a different age where people want experience more than products. I feel like I’m not completely there yet but I’m slowly working towards this where I do want experience over a product.

Experience has become something many people seek and prefer. Now we got a smaller attention, one of the reasons is simply our phones. That is why now you have to connect and really grabs the consumer/customer attention in order for them to interact with your marketing campaign.

There was a question that was directed to one of the speakers, Jess Todtfeld and if was What does experience mean to you? Something with the essence of what he considers to be experience and his answer was:

Experience is to make someone feel something. I totally agree with him. Creating an experience is all about making the person on the other end to feel something create that feeling towards your company, product or service. That is why they recommend creating something that makes others feel something. Don’t only create or share campaigns because you only want them to buy but create that feeling.

  • Be part of the journey

When you are a company, blogger, etc. you should be part of someones journey in order to get them to come back to you, shop with you or share about you. How can you do this you may ask? Well they shared some things you can do.

  • Ask yourself how you can help them?
  • Answer their question
  • Share educational content they can learn from
  • Form a connection with your customers
  • What can you create to get them to come to you?
  • Influencer: they will know them a little more personal so they will feel a stronger connection with them which leads to a higher chance of sales or coming back to you. Here you go more into influencer marketing.


Well I hope you enjoyed today’s blog-post. I hope I was able to help you with any type of new information or inspired you to look more into these in order to improve your company, brand, product or services. Thank you so much for checking out my blog and putting time into reading my content. I truly appreciate you! Thank you!


Have a great, blessed and positive day everyone!

Thank you so much for reading and checking out my blog.

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Love, Rachel

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