Minimalism Update // May 2019

Hi there love,

I hope you are having a great weekend. Today I thought I would share an update on my “Minimalism” Journey. I’m thinking really hard on the word minimalism, now a days it’s just difficult to know if you can or can’t use the term Minimalism anymore. However, like a I always said: “Use it in your own interpretation, it may mean something different for everyone”. I say this because for example for someone minimalism means owning one item of their categories but for someone else it means simply downsizing and living with less. For me it’s about downsizing, living with less, trying to keep a minimal of products in order to only keep what keeps me happy. Additionally, in the long term it can have a positive impact on the environment, by using less products less products may end in the landfill. This is one of the reasons why I try to live with less.

Today I’m updating you how it’s going with my journey. I haven’t reach the point where I can say I reached my goal of creating the “minimalist” space of my dream. I’m continuously trying to find new organization ways and working on cutting back on the shopping. For the future I’m going to learn more about budgeting, this is something I want to learn to do more effectively.

For today’s post I’m going to divide the post in section. Each of these sections will be about one of the categories I’m working on.


Clothes is the main category I need to work on and it’s the main clutter maker in my life. If it’s about making clutter my clothes is the first one on my list. I can have a clean and organized room for a day however, after this I start to find clothes everywhere. During the period February to May I cleaned and de-cluttered again and I was able to get rid of two bags full of clothes. This time I feel I was really able to get rid of clothes I was hanging on. It was before my birthday and I wanted to make my 25 year count and decided to get rid of everything that I didn’t want to go in the future with. It was hard because I had clothes that had memories and clothes that really had a meaning to me. I was able to get rid of a lot and it made me feel lighter and happier because I own what I love.


This was my other important clutter makes because I used to keep all my shoes! Especially when it came to sneakers, when I was in school each year I would change my sneakers however, I just kept all of them under my bed until I learned to thank the shoe and let go. I only kept what I loved, use and fit. I use to love a pair of sandals however they where broken and I just couldn’t let them go and decided to but a new and better pair. I thanked it for the use in my life and got rid of it. Keeping it to fix it or try to make it work won’t help it would just create more clutter. This time I’m left with about 10 – 12 pairs of shoes in total. I’m amazed but also so happy because these are shoes I love to use, there is nothing left that I maybe will use.


When I talk about accessories I mean earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces and watches. My purchasing habits have definitely changed when it comes to these accessories. I love earrings, rings and bracelets but when it comes to necklaces and watches I don’t really use these. I’m currently using what I have in order to change them for the future. To give you an idea, I was a huge accessories buyer. I used to prefer quantity over quality until I incorporated minimalism and started to learn more about the materials that are in the these products. Lastly, I also developed allergies for certain materials lately that I’m still learning what I can wear and what not. This was the moment I realized I needed to start investing in some higher quality accessories. My thoughts intermediately went to Pandora. Do you have experience with Pandora accessories? Please share your thoughts on this.

All around clutter

These are all the things and products around my room that can create clutter. Currently I’m also re-doing my room so I’m trying to find better organizing method. In order to try and keep everything organized while working I am also continuously de-cluttering everything around my room. For me personally my desk area is the place which gets cluttered the most. The main reason for this is that my desk is the place where I dump everything after using or moving. So, if I’m able to find better organization method for my desk I will definitely share this with you.

As you have just read I’m still in the process and still on the journey. I’m not even close to be where I want to however I’m constantly changing and learning. I’m not going to lie I also encounter situations where I wanted to quit but the positive aspects surpasses the negative ones. The reason why I also want to share the negative side is because nothing is life is perfect and we can’t change from one day to another, it’s a process which needs progress.

  • Feeling like I just want to keep everything the same because I’m overwhelmed with things to do. When trying to live with less you need to go trough everything you own in order to simplify and when you put these things together you will definitely get overwhelmed however do what you can, start with what is easier and slowly make progress. At the end of the day you will see the changes.
  • The emotions you encounter when dealing with what you currently own and the feelings you have to deal with when shopping. After your de-clutter sections you don’t want to add clothes that where not carefully analyzed in order to make your decisions. You are still going to make those impulse buys where you don’t know what to do with the clothes afterwards. This is something I encounter myself dealing with and getting angry about however now I do look at it differently and trying to learn from all the situations.

These are the things I currently learned and had to deal with. Like I mentioned I’m still in the learning process and everything is going very well. My life changes slowly to better, my buying habits are improving, I’m finally saving money and I crave to learn things I didn’t think I would be interested in learning. I would consider this as an improving lifestyle.

Well I think I have written a lot for today! I hope you enjoyed and learned a bit while reading this blog-post. Share your thoughts and experience with me in the comments. Have you encounter these situations? Are you a minimalism? Do you want to change your lifestyle?

Are you a minimalist? How far are in your journey? Share any tips and experiences with me. I love to learn more and getting to know you better.

*Kind reminder: I use the term Minimalism but I wouldn’t consider myself a complete minimalist. I apply aspects of this to my lifestyle, Like I mentioned in this post What does Minimalism mean to me?

Have a great, blessed and positive day everyone!

Thank you so much for reading and checking out my blog.

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Thank you so much for checking my blog, I highly appreciate it and I hope you liked it as well. Remember to take care of yourself. 

Love, Rachel

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