My 25th Birthday

Hi there love,

Blessed new Saturday!

Last Saturday was my 25th Birthday and I had a great time with my closest family members in a nice ambiance & had a positive day. I had all kind of plans for this day and let me tell you it turned out so differently, but so cozy and so beautiful. Even though I had a simple birthday it’s a habit of mine to share pictures and memories. So, I hope you enjoy today’s post.

I was awake at 12.00am where my mother, father & brother sang “Las Manjanitas” for which almost made me cry. My room was decorated with pink balloons and banners, Which made it even more lovely.

I was also working on my blog-post, because I’m motivated to continue to improve my blog.

We had breakfast at my favorite place Craft Aruba & Lola Taqueria. They make awesome waffles & tacos!


They where so yummy!

Breakfast was a success!

Got these Beautiful Roses.

Roses are my Favorite!

The Beautiful Setting they’ve set for me.

Had a great time with my best friends eating sushi!


Have a great, blessed and positive day everyone!

Thank you so much for reading and checking out my blog.

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Thank you so much for checking my blog, I highly appreciate it and I hope you liked it as well. Remember to take care of yourself. 

Love, Rachel

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A simple 26 year old girl living on a beautiful Island called Aruba that loves to write, take pictures, conduct research, living positively and simple living since April 2017.

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