My top 5 Travel Tips

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Happy Thursday to you all. I hope you are having an amazing day. Last Saturday I couldn’t get this post up because with all the traveling I was behind with all my stuff. I had to clean around my room, organize myself before writing this post. I wanted to share tips that I freshly used and be completely honest with you.

I recently took a trip to Colombia and I thought I would share my 5 top travel tips with you. At the end I will also share three things I recommend you to do when you are travelling to Colombia. These are not invented tips or super new tips, they are just simple tips we forget or we simply don’t do when we travel. Like leaving the packing for last minute.

I’m an super organized and have travel anxiety so for me a good prep and doing things to stay relax helps me allot. I recently also wrote a blog-post on how I prepare myself for a trip How I prepare for a Trip // Travelling.

Let’s get to the tips shall we?

Use online Check-In

I know right? My first tips is super basic and logic however, believe me or not many of us don’t use this simple method. I was part of the group that didn’t use online check in because I was lazy of simply afraid of putting my personal information online. These where just excuses not to use online check-in. After I took my solo travel to Amsterdam I learnt that this is very important to do because it makes everything flow faster. This can also depend on your airport, rules, etc. Make sure you have everything at hand so you can go faster trough the process. Ever since I make sure to check-in online a day before I travel. With this method you also get to choose where you sit and other choices you wouldn’t have if you did this at the counter.

Arrive on Time at the Airport

This is something we always tell ourselves but most likely never do. However, arriving early at the airport makes everything less stressful. We have time to stand in the queue if there is one, we have enough time to go trough security and we can also have time to buy something or maybe even eat something. By arriving early at the Airport I even got changed to an earlier flight which made it flow nicer because I had a connection flight. Another thing is connection flights, if you have it it’s even more important to arrive on time at the airport because believe me loosing your connection flight only brings hassle.

Rest before you Travel

Another important thing is to make sure you rest before you travel. I know! We have to leave a clean house behind, we have to make your our money is on our bank account, we have so many things to do before we board that plane but you can improve this and actually get a good night sleep before travelling. All you needy to do is plan and start doing your chores on time, avoid leaving everything for the day before you travel. Why is a good rest important? Well in my experience not sleeping or feeling poorly rested will not make your trip enjoyable or you may even get sick. When we travel our bodies go trough many things and feeling poorly will make it worse. I almost got left behind somewhere else because I haven’t rest a day before my trip and this in combination with anxiety just made me faint. This made my trip a whole another experience. So, sleep & rest before you travel! You don’t want to miss on the fun.

Stay Hydrated

Something many of us avoid because airport and airplane bathrooms are gross. But this is actually very important for our bodies because being in that airplane de-hydrate our bodies. Making sure our body feels well will make our trip even more pleasant.

Enjoy your whole Trip

Some of us love meeting new people and visiting other countries but hate to travel. Make sure you learn to know what can make you enjoy your travel and try to incorporate these into your travels to change that  mindset of hating to travel to enjoying the whole journey. Like I love booking window seats because looking at the sky outside calms me down.



Like I mentioned above I will share three things/tips about my experience traveling to Colombia.

Fact: The main airport is located in Bogota and it’s called El Dorado Luis Carlos Galan Sarmiento International Airport. I call it El Dorado haha. 

Connection flights

When you are traveling to Colombia you have to choice to choose where you want to go. If you choose Bogota you only have to take one airplane, if you choose another state you will have a connection flight no matter where in Colombia you are going. This is why I recommend you to research well before you purchase your tickets. Make sure you have at least two hours to get your next flight. If you are traveling during high season make sure you choose longer intermediate hours, This will help you get to your other flight on time and avoid you loosing your plane.

Communication // Spanish

Try to learn some Spanish before you go. I know many people worldwide can speak English but knowing some basic Spanish will help you understand security and rules better in order for things to flow better. This is not something you have to do however, if you can do it, it can help you if you encounter a difficult situation.

Research your destination  

This can help you in many situations. Some things to research are:

  • How’s the weather where I’m going? Different cities, different weathers.
  • Is it safe where I’m staying?
  • What should I do, How should I behave?
  • What would be better to avoid?

Learn from experiences of others in order to make your trip even better.

I personally love to travel to Colombia especially Medellin. If you have any question about this city please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me. Also let me know where I should visit to put on my travel list. I hope you enjoyed today’s post filled with tips and information.

Happy Travels

Have a great, blessed and positive day everyone!

Thank you so much for reading and checking out my blog.

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Thank you so much for checking my blog, I highly appreciate it and I hope you liked it as well. Remember to take care of yourself. 

Love, Rachel

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