My top 5 Travel Skincare Products

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When you are reading this I’m on my trip in Colombia enjoying the nature. That is why I wanted to share my must haves skin-care products I can’t travel without. When you are on your trip you are going to be taking many photos so you would want your skin to look great for your pictures. This is one of the important reasons to have a skin-care routine just like when you are home just with the challenge of having less product options.

My tips on keeping your skin glowing while traveling

  • Stick to what you know. When you go travelling take your holy grial with you because you know how these work on your skin. I would rather not risk it and try new products that I have no idea how they react on my skin.
  • Always clean your skin before bed. I know that when you are travelling you may be super tired but don’t miss your skin-care step and your skin will thank you.
  • Stay Hydrated. When you travel you are on the go so make sure you drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated and to also keep your skin glowing.

My top 5 products I can’t live without when I’m traveling

Make up removing wipes // Pomy’s

When you are travelling you can’t take many products with you. I would recommend to always have makeup remover wipes with you because it’s easier to travel with and you can have it with you at all times. You can take this in your bag on the plane, while you are enjoying your activities and at night. You will also have less liquid to worry about.

My favorite makeup remover wipes are from the brand Pomy’s. I always have one in hand. It removes my makeup without being so harsh on the skin plus it is super affordable. When I’m home I love my Clinique balm and Garnier micellar water but when I travel some wipes are amazing.

Clinique liquid facial soap & eco tools face brush

My favorite face wash is my Clinique liquid facial soap  for oily skin. It cleanses the skin so good without drying it out. I have been using this soap for so long and I can’t love another one. When I’m home I love to use my Clinique sonic cleanser twice a week however when travelling I want to keep it light. So, I take my Eco-tools brush instead. It’s small, compact and it works amazing on the skin. It helps to clean the pores better without stripping your skin. My combination made in heaven.


Kiehl’s Precision Lifting & Pore-Tightening Concentrate

The one product I can’t live without now a days is my Khiel’s Concentrate. This product has helped me so much with the texture and huge pores on my face. I suffered from bad acne when I was younger so I am left with many scaring however this product was the only one that helped me shrink the pores and minimize the scaring. I have just been loving this so I have to have this on my trip.


Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing gel

I have super oily skin but that doesn’t mean I don’t have to moisturized. Keeping your skin moisturized and hydrated is very important even on trip. When you go abroad you may face other weather, climate and other factors that can dry up your skin so keeping and moisturizer at hand is very important. I use my Clinique because I know it won’t make me oily but will keep my face moisturized and happy. As I mentioned above take what you know.

Labello Lipbalm

Lastly, a lip balm is super duper important. Just like your face you have to keep your lips moisturized. Our lips can dry out so quickly due many reasons and chap lips are not fun during your trip. My favorite lip balm is the brand Labello in Vanilla and Macadamia. This is a lip butter and oh it’s amazing. It keeps your lips hydrated, works amazing under lipsticks and works during the day and night. I have using this for quite some time and it’s been one of the few that keeps my lips comfortable.

What are you favorite travel skin care products?

Thank you for reading today’s post. Do you want more travel related posts or would you want other related blog-posts? Let me know!

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