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Hi there love,

I hope you are doing well and enjoying my latest blog-posts. For this upcoming month I’m going to share many different travel posts. One of the reasons I’m sharing these tips or my experiences is that I’m going on a trip very soon. The reason I’m taking this trip is for my health. However, I am trying to combine some fun time in this. My birthday is also coming up so I hope I can incorporate at least a day filled with fun times. I love to share what I do with the hope that it may help someone with their travels. Do you love to Travel?

I’m a kinda nervous traveler so I make sure everything is ready at least 3 days prior my trip. I love to plan and organize everything because for me it helps me remain calm. Also, I write or take picture of everything I’m going with. Why, you may ask? Well once my suitcase was lost and I was required to fill in a form with the products that I carried and I couldn’t name them I could have just name a vague description of a few. Additionally, this helps you organize yourself when you get there because you know what you are carrying. In other words I love to be organized in order to feel more relaxed.

So how do I get ready for my trips? Here are some of the things I do and definitely would recommend.

Research your destination 

Now a days you have many options on where to go, so I would recommend really looking into blogs, websites and more to see if that destination is really what you want to do. For example when I did my Europe trip I just knew I wanted to visit Germany because of the rich history and the beautiful cities however, I didn’t know what to do or where to go so, I did my research and found that Berlin was the city I couldn’t miss.


Additionally, I research my destination and it’s weather! I’m used to sunny days 365 days of the year with no change in season so this is mega important to look into. This helps me choose the clothing I’m going to take. An example is Medellin, the beautiful city of eternal spring. This is very hard to really put your hands on which outfits will work so, I do my research on how the weather will be when I’m there and based on this I try to make my outfits work. This doesn’t happen all the time but for example if I know it’s going to rain I know I have to pack an umbrella and a sweater. Also, this helps you choose the activities you would want to do while on your trip.


Flights & Hotel

Research your flights and hotels early! The earlier you are with these, the best prices you are going to get. I learned this last year when I had to take trip but had to wait last minute to book and buy my ticket. I got this at a much higher price compared if I would have bought it earlier.

Another things is do good research on the dates and try to travel when it’s low season. When it’s low season the flights are cheaper, hotels may be cheaper, parks and activities aren’t as full and you may benefit of many different things. I would recommend you to try this unless you really want to travel for a specific season.


For hotels I would recommend you to check and reserve your hotel on time. I love doing this at least two weeks prior the trip because this will gives me a feeling of confidence. If you know you have your hotel you know that when you get there you have your place to stay.



This is the one things I always always do! Plan, plan ahead, plan something or planning everything but plan. I’m not a person that travels without a plan. I start my planning by researching which dates would be better to go. Next I would start looking for flights and comparing the prices. Also, I search the hotels and activities to see which I can find closer to each other and also if it’s in a safe neighborhood. Lastly, I start to put everything together and create my travel plan. I always keep in mind that plans don’t always work 100% all the time but with my plan I know where I stand and what can be done. Do you plan your travel trips? Or are you more of a spontaneous traveler?


Important Documents

Another important step is to check all your important documents at least 2 to 1 week prior. If you are travelling by plane you have to make sure your passport is valid, that you have a travel insurance and if you have all the documents you need. I always take a hard copy of my important documents with me such as hotel reservations and other important papers you need. Don’t get me wrong I also carry a digital copy because you never know what can happened. And super important is to check if you have these before you get out of the house to avoid missing your papers to missing your flight.


Relax before you board on your Journey 

After all the planning, researching and preparing take a day to relax. I have learned this the hard way. Since I’m such a nervous traveler I try to take a day off of this trip and completely relax. Relaxing before you travel helps you stay calm and you will have tons of energies for the actual trip. Once I was way too nervous that I actually fainted on the airplane. After this incident I try to make myself the most prepared and calm as possible.


Enjoy your Journey

After all you booked your trip and you are exited! Try to enjoy it as much as possible. Enjoy your time at the airport, on the plane and on your destination. If you have to stay up a little longer to experience amazing things do it! You do it all the time while watching “that last episode” on Netflix. If your purpose was to relax, try and find the hotel with different pools or things to do so you don’t need to leave. For me the most important thing for me while travelling is to get to know the people, culture and their food.

*Some of my old traveling pics I love them because they each remind me of story

 What do you do to get ready?

Thank you so much for reading and checking out my blog. I hope you enjoy the content I’m posting. If you have any suggestions or feedback I am all ears.

*FYI the icon pictures are not mine. I have taking them from google, all rights go to their owner. Just used them to make my point clear.

Have a great, blessed and positive day everyone!

Thank you so much for reading and checking out my blog.

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Love, Rachel

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