Can your Underwear affect your Mood?

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Today it’s another post linked to the company Niski Clothing Company. It’s not sponsored because I’m not getting paid but last time I did a research on underwear for Niski I got more interested to do further research on this topic. That is why today’s post is related to Underwear.

I haven’t conducted a extensive research on Underwear and how this can affect your mood on the daily however, I did read many articles and spoken with some people on this subject. That is why I wanted to share what I found, my opinions, my thoughts and those of others. If you agree or disagree with me please let’s talk in the comments section where we can always learn and educate ourselves better.

So,can your underwear affect your mood? 

My opinion

In my opinion your underwear CAN affect your mood. I have encounter many situations where I was kinda Moody because I have picked the wrong Underwear or on the other hand I was confident because I had pick the perfect underwear for that day.

First things first, not everyday we wake up with the most awesome mood. Sometimes we can we up angry, sad, motivated and many other moods however, these can happened due many reasons as well. It can be because you didn’t sleep well, you had a great dream,your thoughts or simply what happened the day before. What I want to say is there are many things that can affect your mood. And I do think that Underwear can be one of them.

An example I always use is a Date! When you go on a date you want to feel comfortable and sexy. If you end up picking the wrong underwear you are going to feel uncomfortable and you will deal with low confidence, no matter what you pick for your outfit. This is also because we have this in our mind & thoughts. We have this kinda thought that when we go on a date we have to look sexy or “perfect” to impress the other person and if we fail to do this we mind we feel disappointed.

Another example I can use is an Important Presentation. You have your presentation, you are in front of many people, you are trying to share or teach something so you have to be prepared and as comfortable as possible. If you pick the wrong underwear, you will start to feel uncomfortable and this is going to show during your presentation. At the end you will feel annoyed because your mind was wondering off on a completely different thing than your presentation. This is why knowing what you find comfortable and confident is important.

These are just two example of the many examples I can think of on how your underwear can affect your mood. Also, this can happen during your daily activities, not only on important dates.

In my opinion it’s important for all of us to know which underwear triggers which mood in order to choose the right underwear for our daily activities or other important days. These days there are many different styles, materials and fit of underwear that you can buy. By knowing which you like best it can help you feel your best and your most confident. *Keep in mind not everybody will find it important to have the right underwear on, to be able to feel it’s best. This is just another add-on. And I think this is also amazing because I’m not saying you HAVE to find the perfect underwear to feel confident. It can be one important ELEMENT that can help you feel even more confident and comfortable. 

A little story time // My experience on how my underwear affected my mood during my Thesis Graduation 

On the day of my Thesis presentation I was super nervous and anxious. For me having the right underwear and clothes makes me a little bit more confident in doing my presentation. That is why I choose my favorite Cuore pink stripes underwear that I got as a gift from Niski because I was finally graduating. This is a cotton, hipster kind of underwear. This gave me the most comfort and confidence together with my favorite black pants that it didn’t bother me to think on how I look every time.

After the presentation it was time for the grading, another nervous moment that I was literally sweating. I got one of the highest grading of the University and I was just in shock and simply happy. So, obviously we moves from presenting to celebrating, taking pictures and going out to eat, and my Cuore where there giving a great support while I was having all that fun. That is why I know I can rely on this underwear on my important days. 

Like I mentioned in this blogpost >> Cotton Underwear many doctors recommend to use cotton underwear for the health of your vag. And I can say that cotton underwear has been the number 1 underwear that has worked the best for me. What is your favorite kind of underwear?

My finds

When I started to look for information on this topic and the question “Can your underwear affect your mood”, it was very hard to find anything that could help me answer the question and my doubts. I still find it interested to really research the relation between your underwear and your mood but for this blog-post I will have to use the information that I have and it did help me understand this better even though it was not an exact answer.

Fun Fact

Did you know that there is a National Underwear Day? Yes! it does exists and it started way back on August 5th 2003. So this year make sure you celebrate the date by wearing your favorite pair or try something new.

  • So, what did I find?
  • Can your underwear affect your mood? 


Now a days, you can find over a thousand styles of underwear differentiating from colors, materials, styles, fit and much more. The options have increased a lot now so it’s a little bit more personal to each and every one. Additionally, we have the option to buy underwear for different activities. This is amazing because before in the options for underwear for woman you had limited options. The one Important thing I found is that the Image around underwear has changed or is shifting. Before the Image of underwear was feeling and looking “sexy” now it has change to “comfort”. It’s not anymore on how your underwear makes you look on the outside but how you feel from the inside. Is shaping woman from the inside instead of from the outside.

In my opinion it goes together with Empowerment

People don’t wear underwear to please or impress anyone anymore. It’s about accepting your own self in your skin and feeling your best for you. Now a days, a female is super busy working, doing daily chores, going to school or simply work from home. Even though she is busy she has the right to feel amazing in her underwear. If she feels amazing on the outside she is going to glow on the outside. This has also affected the marketing of many companies. They have to be inclusive for their marketing to work. Keep in mind this does not count for all the companies that sell underwear. Each company has their own right to choose what to market.

Citation: “At the time, Schwab noted how wearing comfortable underwear inherently linked to feeling good about oneself”. -From Article: A new definition of what’s sexy is spurring a revolution in the lingerie industry, Mallory Schlossberg, August 2016. 

Comfort & Health

It was been expected that people are caring for their health that choosing the right underwear is important. This is especially for cotton underwear because it offers comfort and it’s health for you lady part. I wrote an extensive blog-post on cotton underwear and why it’s good for you. You can find it under the name Cotton Underwear.

Additionally, the colors people prefer now a days are nudes. This is also a change from colorful, fun patterns to nude and simple underwear.

An aspect I think is going to grow is Environment.

I haven’t look into this however if you want more information on this please let me know and I will gladly do more research. The brand Cuore I work with has gotton more into this by using 100% cotton, changing the boxes and going simple. I see many other companies doing this as well.


Can your underwear affect your mood? 

Yes it can. After reading all the articles I have found I can say that this affects your mood. The information that made me say yes are:

  • Companies are being more inclusive
  • The image has shift from sexy to comfort
  • It has been linked that by wearing comfortable underwear people feel good about themselves.
  • Wearing the right underwear can be an element in an woman identity.

Do you agree? Let me know!

Thank you so much for reading if you have reached until this part of the post. I know this was a long post but I truly wanted to share with you what I found. 

Citation url :

Other articles: 

  • Underwear: a tool for fashioning female identity
  • The lingerie market today, explained in 7 charts
  • A new definition of what’s sexy is spurring a revolution in the lingerie industry

 Pictures used in the blogpost have been taken from google. Rights go to the owners. I used them to show what I wanted to explain.

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