My Planner for 2019 & Review

Hi there love, 

How is 2019 treating you? I hope you are doing great! As you may know at the beginning of the year is the moment where we like to plan what we would like to accomplish during that year, create our yearly plan, etc. I love planning, they have even called me a planning freak because I love to plan everything that can possibly get planned. That is why every year I purchase a new planner or agenda however you would like to call it. I find this the easiest way for me to plan because it already has a structure and this works perfectly with me. I know that you can also bullet journal or just use a simple notebook and create your own planner but I love the whole planner experience from the moment I look for it in the store to using it. I simply enjoy this.

This year I went a little but more “professional” with the planner or better said with a more elaborated option where I have more space and more structure for me because, everything would have their own space. Last year I couldn’t find one that I loved here on Aruba and I ended up with a super simple one. This is why last year during my visit in Colombia I decided to buy this one and I don’t regret it at all.

So, this is my planner for 2019.

  • Brand: Kiut
  • Bought in Colombia
  • Price: Between $15 to $20 (I would say in between but I’m not sure because I lost my receipt)

The beautiful planner came in a box to protect it. I have to say that even the box that it came in is beautifully designed. So Chic!

This is how the agenda looks like! Isn’t it gorgeous? And I feel like the quote really goes with my mood this year. Last year it was all about heeling and getting ready. This year is about reaching those dreams.

The structure of this agenda is very simple and easy to use. You have each month separated from January (Enero) to December (Diciembre) 2019. What I love the most about this agenda is that for each month you start with a positive quote, you get a view to the whole month with squared where you can use to put your important stuff to be able to have the month at a glance and lastly you get the month separated by each day which gives you  a lot of space to write what you need to do daily. I love the fact that there is a lot of space because I’m a person who writes with big letters and I love to write everything.

My tip: The way I keep it my daily activities organized is by using a color for each activity, simply said I use color coordinating. 

For each paper you have two days visible plus a mini calendar of the whole month. This gives you a better look on you daily activities plus have a glance at the whole month. For me this is amazing for planning because you can also see other dates and this helps me avoid over planning or double planning on the same day.

Fact about me: I love using blue ink pens, for me this is visibly pleasing and helps me with my color coordinating. I hate using black ink pen, I avoid this at all cost.

After I have talked way too much about the structure and how I love it and how simple it is to use, Let’s talk about the print. I love the colors and how they are combined. I love white and pastel pink so having this combined with the leaves makes me more exited to use it. I know the leaf print has been in and used a lot lately however, it makes me happy and calm. Also on different pages you find an inspiring quote as well which gives you that extra push of positivity. Like this one “She designed a life she loved” and you have space to write whatever you like as well which is great because not in all agenda’s you have note space.

Lastly, I would like to share this page with you. In this agenda you have space where you can create you dream map. A space you put visual representation of your dreams, goals and plans you want to achieve. I think this is an amazing thing to incorporate in your planner because you can always look at it and get back on track. This agenda even helps you create this map. It has instructions and steps you can follow to help you create your own dream map. I’m aware that my agenda is in Spanish and not everyone will be able to understand the picture below however, I wanted to share it anyway to help the ones that are able to understand. And it’s such a beautiful add on in the agenda that I wanted to share it. This shows you how amazing this agenda is!

Thank you so much for reading if you reach this part you are amazing!


As a final conclusion I would to recommend this agenda. If you haven’t purchase you agenda yet for this year and you are able to get your hands on this one I would say get yourself one! It’s amazing, The only thing I would say is not as lovely is that it’s very bulky, if you are someone who loves small agenda’s this is not the one for you but I actually love this size so it works perfectly for me.

  • Available in Colombia: Exito (medellin) this is where I purchased it.
  • On their website: Kiut Website

A positive, structured and the most beautiful agenda I have ever owned!

FYI: This was not a sponsored post, I wanted to personally share my agenda of this year with you. I’m not affiliated to any website shared or with this brand. I wanted to make it easy to find for you. 

Have a great, blessed and positive new year everyone!

Thank you so much for reading and checking out my blog.

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Thank you so much for checking my blog, I highly appreciate it and I hope you liked it as well. Remember to take care of yourself. 

Love, Rachel

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