Top 5 Red Lipsticks / Holiday Edition // Mini Blogmas

   Hi there love, 

Today we are already the 20th of December and I’m amazed with how fast there days are going. At the same time I’m really happy with how I’m doing with my mini blog-mas this year. During the previous years I just couldn’t keep up with the blog-mas as a whole. Today I’m going to finish my room as well, I think that is why I’m in such a good mood.

On the other hand I’m also exited to share today’s blog-post, where I’m going to share my top 5 red lipsticks for the Holidays, especially Christmas. The color red is used a lot and in many ways during December but lately I have been using pretty much just red everyday and all day haha. I have a range from the cheapest to more expensive red lipstick. At the end I will also include 1 lip-liner and 1 lip crayon in order to broaden the options. I hope to help you choose your red shade of lipstick this year.

Vogue Colorisimo 8hrs – Labial Larga Duracion (Cereza)

This is my favorite affordable bright red lipstick and also this is the long lasting version which makes it so much better. It’s a bit messy to apply at first but once you get it on the only way you can take it off is eating something greasy. The only thing is that is on the down side is that it does transfer and it can get messy however, the way it lasts is amazing. For the holidays this color is perfect because you can combine it from a smokey eye to a natural look.


L’Oreal Paris – Exclusive Collection (403 Eva’s Red)

This is my favorite everyday red lipstick. It’s not too bright and not too dull. For me it’s a combination of red and oranges but very well combines. This lipstick is not the lipstick that is going to last trough anything, it will come off with anything however the color is very natural. I know… How can it look natural? It’s a red lipstick but this color I feel would match any skin color and still look super nice. This is perfect for the day out shopping or doing errands during the holidays.


Mac – Matte (Salon Rouge)

I know I’m transitioning to more natural products however what I have now also costed money so I won’t just get rid of them without finishing them. This color I have had for years but I still grab it every time I go out with my friends or want a more blue toned red. The formula plus the color are just amazing. This lipstick will last trough drinks but not with food. It’s the perfect red for the nights out during the holidays or when you want a more blue toned red lipstick.


Mac – Matte (Hearts Aflame) 

Another Mac lipstick I know, but they are definitely my all time favorite lipsticks. This matte color is that nice dark red but not too drying. A definitely long lasting dark red lipstick perfect for that darker look you want to create that dark vampy look for Christmas. I love using this dark going for a purply red color when a want a pop of dark color to my look. Perfect for going out or eating out. It will last.


Mac – Retro Matte (Bowl me over) 

This is the most matte lipstick I have ever tried. This is the perfect brown-ish red that will fit fair skin toned beautifully (I’m saying this because I have used this myself and haven’t seen this on a dark skin tone yet). The formula retro matte is just super matte but at the same time very long lasting. I love to use this when going out. with a natural look or also with a dark smokey eye. In my opinion this balances all make up looks which is perfect for the holidays.


Lastly, I also wanted to share 2 other favorites.

 L.A Girl – Lip-liner (Burgundy)

Lip-liners are essential and important when using red lipsticks however I don’t always use them myself. If I know I want my lipstick to stay put and apply nicely I use this lip-liner. I’m sharing this particular one because it’s one of the only ones I own. I know right? I own very few lip-liners. When I know I’m going to use a red lipstick this is the own I grab. It matches with every red lipstick I mentioned above, it makes smooth lines, it lasts and it’s also nice to use on it’s own. What else would you want from a lip-liner during the busy holidays?

Primark – Velvet Matte – Lipstick Crayon (Wine)

Another affordable red lip crayon option. This one is the perfect lip crayon for on the go. It lasts, it’s compact, it’s affordable, easy to apply and the color will match any skin color beautifully. A dark wine red color perfect for the holidays and for all the people on the go. My favorite on the go lip color and product.


Well loves these are my favorite red lipsticks, lip-liner and lip crayon I love to use during the holidays. When choosing your red lipstick remember to look at the finish, color and undertone, these can make such  a difference on your look.


Which ever red lipstick you choose remember to rock it the way you want to! A red lipstick, A must for this time of the year. I hope you enjoyed this blog-mas post today.     

Have a great, blessed and positive holidays everyone!

Thank you so much for reading and checking out my blog.

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Thank you so much for checking my blog, I highly appreciate it and I hope you liked it as well. Remember to take care of yourself. 

Love, Rachel

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