Minimalism During the Holidays? // Mini Blogmas

Hi there love, 

I hope you are enjoying my mini blog-mas series. This year I’m so proud to say that I’m keeping my schedule as planned. Today I’m going to share my experience and perspective as a learning “minimalist” during the Holidays. At the end of the year we like to change our house, our closet and also ourselves. Last year during the month of November I decided to take “minimalism” a little bit more serious. If you follow my blog you may know my whole journey with “Minimalism”. If you haven’t read my other blog-posts on this, I would recommend you to read these in order to understand where I stand with “Minimalism” it’s not necessary but it will definitely help you understand my points.

Let’s start with this shall we?

Minimalism during the holidays? As you may know I don’t apply Minimalism to my lifestyle just because, I decided to start in order to better different aspect of my lifestyle. During the holidays this is no difference, I still apply guidelines. During the holidays we are buying new stuff for our home, for ourselves or to gift to others. Before buying all these new stuff I try to think on what I really need to change, what I really need and what I will actually use. Sometime I also get carried away don’t get me wrong, those marketing promotion trick me sometimes too but since I started “minimalism” I realize this much faster. And I can act upon this much faster as well.

When I realize I’m buying things just because I want them, I take a step back and think why I’m doing this. Am I being bothered by thoughts and feelings? Did the sale get to me? Or what is it? If it’s an external thing I work on in and if it’s an internal thing I make sure to journal and figure it out. Other than that, I apply different guidelines before I go shopping.

Before I go shopping for clothes, shoes or accessories for myself, I do the following:

  • Make sure I know what I need
  • Make a list on my phone with what I need in order to reread it and avoid forgetting
  • Go trough my closet to have a fresh look on what I already own
  • Make a budget for myself
  • Make sure I’m comfortable in my skin (feeling uninspired can affect you on how you feel with the clothes, you can end up buying things you don’t like)
  • Make sure I have comfortable clothes on
  • Sometimes I like to go with someone in order to have more opinions on fit and colors

If I’m shopping for someone else either I’m buying a gift or something else I use different guidelines as well.

  • I ask the person what he/she wants
  • I ask the person what he/she needs
  • I make sure to really understand their needs in order to get them something I know for sure they are going to like and use
  • I try not to buy something he/she doesn’t need
  • I try to stay away from gifts we are use to, for example if the person is a female I won’t gift her a Victoria Secret body spray. This is because many people will most likely get her something like this or she has way too much of them.
  • I try to think outside the box
  • I try to gift a gift with thoughts put into it

Lastly, when I go shopping for home products I try to also apply some guidelines.

These guidelines don’t always work though. I’m a person who loves changing her environment in order to feel inspired and I also love home decor. Whenever I see something “cute” I can use in my room decor on sale I try to look for all the excuses in order to buy this but since starting “minimalism” it has helped me avoid over buying. Since last year I changed the color scheme of my room. I chose to make it rose/pink, white, grey and black. Ever since changing my room to those colors I have been loving it! That I decided to keep it this way this year as well making it easier to add some decor.

  • Make a list with what I really need
  • Stick to the color palette
  • Try to not the walk around the whole store
  • I don’t buy something I already have
  • I try looking for inspirations before going to avoid getting overwhelmed

These are guidelines I try to use when I go shopping during the holidays. For the holidays I try to be a little more relaxed with these but also take them serious. If in any case I buy something I already have I try to see If I can get rid of one or donate. If I see that I can use both of them I will keep both. Like I have mentioned many times I don’t use minimalism to limit myself I apply it to avoid over purchasing, unnecessarily spend money, have clothes I won’t use and avoid to waste clothes or products.

This holiday when you go shopping for yourself have fun with it but spend wisely remember you still have next year as well. When you go shopping for someone try to make to gift more thoughtful and really figure out what the person needs. And lastly, when changing things around the house remember to get rid of the old ones. For the new year many people including me and me family believe in changing things and getting rid of old ones in order to start fresh and call other new things in the new year. Enjoy yourself with the holiday shopping sprees this year.

If you still don’t understand Minimalism or know how to apply it especially during the holidays it’s okay we are all in the learning journey.

Have a great, blessed and positive holidays everyone!

Thank you so much for reading and checking out my blog.

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Thank you so much for checking my blog, I highly appreciate it and I hope you liked it as well. Remember to take care of yourself. 

Love, Rachel

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