Favorite Holiday Activities // Mini Blogmas

Hi there love, 

This is Mini Blogmas #2

Another day, another blog-mas post. Today I’m sharing activities I love to attend or things I enjoy doing during the Christmas/Holiday season. Some of these activities are things me and my family do every year. Do you have any Christmas/Holiday traditions? Let me know!

The first and most important activity I love is “Wak Lus” like we traditionally say in Papiamento or “Let’s go see lights” explained in English haha. This is a tradition that I have with my family since I was a kid. During the holiday season many different places on Aruba are decorated with lights and families can drive around Aruba to visit these places. My all time favorite has been the “Sero Preto Lights“. These places are transformed in Christmas Fantasies or Christmas related themes out of lights, they are simply gorgeous every year. If you live here on Aruba you must know about this. However if you don’t live here but you are on vacation definitively look into visiting at least one location. Here is a link of this year’s places that where decorated with many many lights: Luz di Pasco 2018 or you can visit this Facebook Page: Ban Serio Aruba. On the page is actually where I found the link to the locations. Kind reminder that the link nor the page are mine, they are an external links that I used to make it easier to reach the places, all rights to them but feel free to use them. 

Another fun event that I love to take my little nephew or as a fun, laid back activity with my friends or even with the family is Winter Wonderland that is organized by Renaissance Aruba. At their marketplace location they create such a nice Holiday environment by working with different places. For example they sell food like olliebollen which is a more Dutch tradition however since we are linked to the Netherlands we also incorporated this while celebrating the holidays. They also have soup which we love, a ice-skating activity for children, Santa is also visiting and many other things you can do. If you want to spend a nice time with friends and family I definitely recommend you visiting Winter Wonderland at Renaissance Marketplace. You can look into it on their Facebook Page: Renaissance Mall & Marketplace for more information.

Another activity I do with my family is visiting other family members. During the holidays we made it a tradition to visit each other every year. On Christmas we go visit the Family that lives on the other side of the Island and during the new years they come visit us. As I mentioned in a previous post the holidays is all about sharing time with family, that is why we make sure we visit each other. Since we all have jobs that requires different working hours during the holidays we spend time together.

Eating out! This is something everyone does during the holidays. Different restaurants have special Christmas menu’s that it’s easier to eat with a bigger group. On Aruba and I think many other countries families, businesses, friends and different other groups tries to at least organize one day they all go to eat out together.

Lastly, shopping sprees. I know, coming from a person trying to incorporate minimalism in her life “I shouldn’t be thinking on shopping sprees” however, for the new years we all want to change some things around the house or closet. Don’t get me wrong, when purchasing new products, old ones must go. I do this in order to keep everything as organized as I can. In my case is my room and closet. We go shopping as a family in the Main street where there also fun activities. This year they tried to incorporate many more fun activities for the Children. When going on shopping sprees it can be stressful but having other activities you can go do makes it a little more fun.

Thank you so much for reading! What do you do during the holidays?

Have a great, blessed and positive holidays everyone!

Thank you so much for reading and checking out my blog.

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Thank you so much for checking my blog, I highly appreciate it and I hope you liked it as well. Remember to take care of yourself. 

Love, Rachel

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