Christmas Wishlist // Mini Blogmas

Hi there love, 

This is Mini Blogmas #2

I hope you have a wonderful day ahead. Today’s post is all about my Christmas wish-list. I always incorporate my wish-list during blog-mas, don’t get me wrong this is not because I’m asking for these products or making my family purchase these products for me. I share my Christmas wish-list in order to share with you what I’m into and as a reminder to myself to work hard in order to purchase these for myself. However, if a family member of mine gifted me one of these products I will be forever grateful thus is a fun way for me to share the products on my Christmas wish-list with you.

Since going “Minimal” I try not to purchase unnecessary things just because it’s Christmas so these products are for months on my list sometimes. Also, this year I will be sharing 5 products instead of 10 for the same “Minimal” reason. Lastly, this year what I’m aiming to is Health! The number one thing I want in life right now is my Health. After my surgery I realized that health and mental health are the most important tools in life in order to be happy. But material things are also a part so here is my Christmas Wish-list 2018.

The first product on my list is a good quality camera. For my hobbies, blog and work I must have a good camera that I can take good quality pictures and content. Right now lighting and my Iphone 6s are my tools for pictures. The camera on my list is the Canon Rebel T6i, a DSLR camera. This has been the camera I wanted for such a long time but this year it’s one of my priorities.

The second product is a new phone. I have my Iphone 6s for approximately 3 years already so I think it’s time to change to a newer version. I never but the newest versions of phones because they are way expensive for what you get. This is especially the case with Iphones many minor changes for such a higher price. My Iphone 6s is still good and working fine so I think this is more of a luxury but I still feel I need an update. The one I had in mind is the Iphone 8 or a Iphone 8 plus, however here on Aruba they have such a high price that this is on the wait-list as well haha.

The third product on my list is a new vans shoes, to be more precise I want the old skool kind in a black color. Vans has always been my favorite shoe brand when it came to shoes for school and just for daily use. I love the old skool kind because it’s simple yet it gives your outfit such a nice touch. Vans Old Skool

The fourth product is the Scandalous perfume from Victoria Secret. I actually own the body spray in this scent and oh my god it smells amazing! I just simply love this scent. I want the actual perfume because it smells stronger and lasts longer than the body spray. Do you have a favorite perfume that smells sweet? I’m looking for new ones as well.

The last product is a curvy crew t-shirt. The Curvy Crew is owned by Sierra Schultzzie one of my Favorite YouTuber. She has her own clothing line and I definitely want one of her shirts, they are cute, stylish and all body types inclusive. I like her way of thinking and the simplicity in the shirts the one I specifically want is this one:  The Perfect Tee (Plus Size)

Thank you so much! I hope you enjoyed this years Christmas Wishlist. I tried to share a variety of products and also products I really like. Hope you could have also gotten an idea what to give a female in your life?

(*Disclaimer: The pictures used in this blog-post are not mine, all rights to their owner, Found online.)

Have a great, blessed and positive holidays everyone!

Thank you so much for reading and checking out my blog.

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Thank you so much for checking my blog, I highly appreciate it and I hope you liked it as well. Remember to take care of yourself. 

Love, Rachel

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A simple 26 year old girl living on a beautiful Island called Aruba that loves to write, take pictures, conduct research, living positively and simple living since April 2017.

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