10 days to Chrismas Intro // Mini Blogmas

Hi there love, 

How are you doing this December? Are you ready for Christmas? Do you celebrate other Holidays? Let me know so I can get to know you better! I hope you are having a good time celebrating life. This year as you may have seen I did’t jump on the Blogmas wagon. The reasoning for this is that I want to create good content while working and recovering plus I want to have quality time with the family this year. All these combined with such a busy period I can’t fulfill quality content and quality time with the family at the same time. That is why I choose to spend quality time with the Family this year. This year has been a rough one for me in many aspects but most importantly health wise. However, I decided to create 10 days to Christmas // Mini Blogmas 2018, where I’m going to share different Christmas / Holiday  related content during the 10 days leading to Christmas.

I hope I can bring the best of me for you during these 10 days. December is always a busy month for me and my family. But I love to read and create Blogmas content. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays because on this day it’s all about showing love, being with the family, sharing together and really about being united. This is how me and my family grew to. I was always taught to show love and share on this day, not only to share the presents but also about sharing time, sharing love and sharing laughter. Not everyone and not every time people will have this luck so if this year you don’t feel like doing what you traditionally do I would say “Do what makes YOU feel good. Remember that Christmas is about sharing but most importantly it’s about You and how You feel! Try to make yourself happy and content with what you decide to do this 25th of December.” I understand that we are all different and we grew up differently due different reasons. The only thing I wish for you this December is Positivity, Health & Happiness.

Get ready for the fun upcoming Christmas / Holiday content I’m preparing for you. I will try to combine different topics starting with decoration ideas to the traditional food we eat on Aruba during the holidays. If you have any question, feedback or recommendations you can freely email me, DM on Instagram or with a comment, I will happily answer you.

Have a great, blessed and positive holidays everyone!

Thank you so much for reading and checking out my blog.

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Thank you so much for checking my blog, I highly appreciate it and I hope you liked it as well. Remember to take care of yourself. 

Love, Rachel

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A simple 26 year old girl living on a beautiful Island called Aruba that loves to write, take pictures, conduct research, living positively and simple living since April 2017.

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