Makeup Transition Journey

Hey there love,

Hope you are doing fine. Today I’m going to write about my makeup transition journey. It’s a journey because I’m still learning and I’m still in the process. First let me start from the beginning. I discovered makeup when I was about 13 years old, and this was because I was very unhappy with my appearance, that I started to use makeup to feel more “comfortable”. I remember the first face powder that I bought, it was by the brand Jordana and my first lipstick was a nude color by Revlon.

How it started

I only bough two products at that time because that was what my mom allowed me to use. For some it may be an early age to start or for some it may be normal, but my mom understood the reason why I wanted to use makeup. The main reason was bullying. At the age of 13 our bodies starts to change and as a young girl my face broke up pretty bad and the bullying increased.

Little did I knew that using makeup could clog my pores more, but I did not have time to research nor I knew it could help me understand my acne better. I jumped into it to feel better and sadly, it did make me feel better. Since than I started to buy more and more makeup. A little after that I started learning trough YouTube how I could do more with makeup and automatically, I started to want more and more. By the age of 17/18 I had a huge collection of makeup but my knowledge was still the same, ‘Use makeup and you will feel fine, you will feel beautiful‘.

However the problem was still there. After some time is where I learned that skin care is way more important than makeup. The only brand that has helped me clear up my skin was Clinique and I could definitely write more about that but today it’s about my makeup transition. If you would want me to write about Clinique definitely let me know because it’s the only skincare brand I use.

Why I decided to do a makeup transition?

If you read my other posts you may know I started my minimalism journey about a year ago. Not only did I learn about owning less but I learned to read my ingredients lists when it comes to products I use or consume. Additionally, I also learned more about animal cruelty. All this information made me realize that I was not helping my skin nor my acne, I was actually making it worse. Even though my skin got clear with the help of Clinique I felt that my skin was not healthy. I decided to search a little deeper to learn more and I discovered that the brands I was using products from, contained many chemicals and where not animal friendly.

When I realized this, it made me realize that I’m putting all those chemicals on my face. Not only will it make my skin worse but I was treating my body negatively by applying these on to my skin. *Keep in mind I was using all kinds of brands from the cheapest ones you find in shady places to expensive, I was using it all. And on top of that animals where being hurt to make “me feel okay with myself” this was not okay with me anymore. We only have on body, one face so, we need to take care of it. I’m not saying you have to go out there throw everything out and buy only natural based cosmetics. You can if that is what you want to do. What I’m saying and what I learned in this process is that we need to start reading what we put on our skin, now a days marketing can have a huge influence on our choices (I know, I am a marketeer!), but we have to start being more conscious. Another beneficial aspect is that many existing and new companies are making more natural cosmetics but we can’t let the name “Natural” make the choice for us, we have to really read and learn. Natural = not automatically a good choice, we need to read. 

What I decided to do?

What I started doing after my realization was going through my makeup and learn about the brands and learn more about the ingredients. I say brand because this has more to do with being animal friendly and ingredients are the real stuff that they put in the products that we actually apply on our skin (face).

How is it now?

Currently I’m still searching for brands that are animal friendly and that are more natural possible. I do understand that sometimes certain ingredients are necessary if we want to achieve a certain look or to obtain a certain product or consistency. That is why I’m changing my collection or my everyday products slowly. I started in January and I still own products that are less good, but I’m using these to finish the products but took the conscious decision to buy another “better” version in the future.

To give you an idea where I come from I started my collection with Revlon, Maybelline, Clinique, L’Oreal and more. Now I try using Urban Decay, Too Faced, Wet ‘n Wild, Lush Cosmetics and other local natural options. With the knowledge we have these days on this topic it is easy to find products that are good for us, it just takes a little bit more time and research. I do also understand that “natural” products sometimes tend to be more costly but there are also other cheaper options out there, which makes me very happy to know about.

I also want to add that not because a brand carries a product that contains chemicals means everything is not okay to use. I still use Clinique even though they don’t claim to be natural, I use it because it works for my skin. Same goes to makeup, not all my products are animal friendly or “natural” but I try to make most of them animal friendly and “harsh chemical free“. I hope one day to reach a  makeup collection that I’m happy with, comfortable using and products and only having products that work for and with my skin.

The message I wanted to give with this post today is that we as consumers and as human beings should want the best for our bodies by using good products for our skin but we shouldn’t beat ourselves when we use other products other than the “natural” ones because we decided to do due to many personal reasons. Use the brand, product, color, consistency you love because you want it, but be conscious about your choices. 

I’m sorry for such a long blog post today but I really want you to understand where I stand.

Do you agree with me or have a different opinion? Let me know because we can learn a lot by having healthy  discussions with others. Maybe there is something I missed? Do you use animal friendly products? Please share you thoughts!

Thank you so much for reading and checking out my blog.

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Thank you so much for checking my blog, I highly appreciate it and I hope you liked it as well. Remember to take care of yourself. 

Love, Rachel

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