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I’m so happy to be writing again, as you may know I truly enjoy writing for you and I get to learn about a lot more. Today I’m going to mix it up a little bit. Today I’m hopefully going to give you a little more inside on cotton underwear and the brand Cuore Intimates.(*This post is sponsored by the family clothing company I offer advice to Niski Clothing Company.) Feel free to visit their online store to check out their products Niski Store or their Facebook Niski Clothing Company to get to know more.

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Cotton is used in many different clothing pieces but today I’m going to dig deeper in cotton used in underwear. Cotton is harvested from Malvaceae in native to tropical or sub-tropical places (wikipedia,August 2018). You can also find organic cotton  but the cotton used to make the underwear brand Cuore Intimate is harvested in Colombia where these underwear’s are hand made. If you are interested to find clothing made from organic cotton you can check out ZARA’s clothing. I have seen and own shirts that they claimed to be made from organic cotton. If you would like I could do more research on Organic Cotton for you in clothing however, today I will be talking about the normal harvested cotton.


Why is cotton underwear better?

You may be asking why I’m writing about cotton underwear? Well it’s because cotton underwear can offer many benefits for you well being. In the female underwear market you can find all sorts of underwear varying from style, fit, material and more. I’m not saying go change your all your underwear’s but do try to have a balanced drawer. Invest in your cotton underwear because it offers you and your health great benefits.

Cotton underwear can help with different aspects of your health

Starting with Breathable. Cotton underwear helps your body breath which is important if you are prone to infections or want to avoid these. Compared to synthetic materials cotton underwear wont trap the moisture or bacteria’s.

Helps to avoid infections, as mentioned above because the cotton underwear is breathable it won’t trap moisture or bacteria’s that will affect your health and helps avoid infections like yeast infections. As a female, you have the possibility to suffer from yeast infections and this is not pleasant thus by making a small change in underwear you could lower your risks. Choose the cotton one over that synthetic one. If you want to know more, speak with you doctor/gyno they can explain this much broader. 

Cotton underwear is actually Recommended by gynecologists. After reading many articles on this topic, cotton underwear is proven to be the best option recommended by gynecologists because of the benefits they have for your health.

Different types of underwear

Now a days cotton underwear doesn’t have to be boring. Because it provides many benefits for your body many companies create different styles made from cotton or provide a cotton insert.

After conducting a small market research on Aruba regarding cotton underwear I noticed that we lack cotton underwear options. However, Cuore Intimate is a perfect example of cotton underwear made comfortable, fun and stylish. On Aruba you can find Cuore Intimate exclusively on Niski Clothing Company Online shop.

Coure Intimate – Your cotton option

Cuore Intimate offers amazing Comfort because when a woman is comfortable she is confident. Cuore Intimate is about making the female feel good and accomplishing her goals while being the most comfortable.

Fun colors and patterns, like mentioned before when wearing a cotton underwear it doesn’t have to be plain or boring, Cuore Intimate  has different types such as hipsters, laces and hipsters thong. A variety of underwear for different types of lifestyles and preferences. You can be sure you will find an underwear that matches you.

High quality, while being good for your health Cuore Intimates offers high quality which is another important point for Cuore Intimate. You are investing in you thus you deserve the best from your underwear. Investing in a good pair of cotton underwear can help you reach your goals because a comfortable female is a confident female, a confident female reaches her goals.

Lastly, Cuore Intimate underwear’s are Long lasting. Because Cuore Intimate believes in high quality underwear they will be long lasting. When you invest in yourself you want the product to last and when it comes to Cuore Underwear, it will last you.

cuore b&m H12

cuore b&m L16

We reached the end of today’s post. I hope you found something interesting from this post and could have learned something. And remember to choose that cotton underwear! Taking care of yourself and your health is important so make sure you always make the best choice for yourself.


Pictures are not mine. 

*Cotton pictures taken from Google

*Cuore Underwear pictures gotten permission to use from Niski Clothing Company

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