How 1 Travel Trip Changed Me

Hi there love,

Today I’m going to share with you how 1 trip I made changed me, my perspective on life and how it made a different person. First of all, I made this trip because I was ill and had some serious health problems that no one knew what I had or could even help me with the chronic pains I was suffering. After making this trip I got an answer on my health and I’m currently working on the healing process which can be a long one but I’m trying my best each and every day.

Disclaimer: I’m not going to share details or what health problems where found, I find these to be very personal to me. I’m going to share how this trip made me change, to want to be a better person each and every day and how I dealt with the hard days. I hope I can help you or at least inspire you in any way possible to remain positive in any hard situation you could be dealing with or any way possible. 

Now, Let’s begin!

Before the trip

I started to get ill at the end of 2016 which makes it about a year now. Dealing with unimaginable chronic pain and not knowing what was going on was hard because that makes our mind wonder and a lot. It affected me pretty harsh that I had to find ways to stay positive and continue with every day life things.

The first and most important was Music. I was listening to inspiring music in order to help me emotionally. If you would like to listen to them it would be amazing because they always cheer me up! Maybe in a way they could help you too. On the other hand if you have you power songs listen to them they will help your soul and mental health.

My top 3 songs that really inspired me and I still love to this day are:

  • Rachel Platten – Fight Song
  • Hedley – Invincible ft. P. Reign
  • Avril Lavigne – Head above water (This is a very recent song but it still helped me)

The other important thing were my Family & Friends and to this day they are my inspiration. They have supported and help me trough this whole process. If you are blessed and have people by your side embrace them, thank them and appreciate them. They will make a huge difference.

These where my 2 most important driving forces during this process and still are to this day. But the way the trip changed my perspective is amazing.

After the trip

I took this trip in September and my destination was Colombia // Medellin such a warm, loving and inspiring place. The people inspired me everyday, the doctors, the nurses and many other people made me change my mind set. It wasn’t only about getting answers to my pain but how people there see life in general.

The first thing this trip did to me was bring me closer to god. Before this happened to me I was already a religious person but while I was there it changed me to a more loving and connected person with god. In Colombia they are pretty religious from what I experienced and it just made us come together pray and really feel gods love.

The second thing that I really noticed and started doing is taking care of myself, internally, externally and mentally. Not only do they inspire healthy eating but everything you consume there is fresh! That right now I’m trying to plant some of my own veggies. This is a way to eat healthier but also connect you with nature, That’s a beautiful thing! The City of Medellin was pure Nature and I loved it. Now I try to eat healthier trying everyday a little bit better.

Also, I’m trying and transitioning to treat my skin and body with more natural products possible, because chemicals are not good for your skin. I’m not saying I’m going all natural because it’s not always possible but making conscious decisions are all I need to do at this moment. A blog post on this is coming your way.

And lastly, because I was in such a rut this trip opened my eyes to be more grateful, to take care of me first, do things that make me truly happy and to try harder every day! It changed me in ways I can’t explain but the only thing I want to tell you today is if you have a chance to travel somewhere do it! Not only is it relaxing but a simple culture difference can make a big impact. I’m not saying run to Medellin,Colombia but if you have to opportunity do it, I’m sure it will make at least a small change. I’m definitely planning on going back!

Here are some pictures of this amazing trip!


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Thank you so much for reading and checking out my blog.

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Thank you so much for checking my blog, I highly appreciate it and I hope you liked it as well. Remember to take care of yourself. 

Love, Rachel

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