Event (2018) Curvy Celebration Expo

Hey there love,

Today it’s the extra blog of the week. On Wednesdays I post an extra blog post if it’s an event or something special or interesting that has happened. I’m trying to attend more events this year for networking purposes, getting out of my comfort zone but at the same time I want be able to bring more fun content for you as the reader. Today it’s going to be event #2 of this year.

Today I’m going to share my experience and pictures of the Curvy Celebration Expo that took place on the Sunday of June 3rd of 2018 here on Aruba. It took place at the Renaissance Convention Center and I attended it with my awesome cousin and we had a pleasant time. There where different companies attending this event, starting from underwear to makeup. The goal of this event was to Celebrate all the Curves and Ladies of the island.At first I did not know what to expect but they really surprised me because I discovered interesting places which I had no idea existed.

The evening starting when we where welcomed with a mimosa and a booth where everyone had the chance to take pictures.


The first place/booth that caught my attention was CC bath & body aruba, This is an awesome company that makes organic bath & body products and some other amazing organic products! I had no idea that this place existed and since I’m on a journey to find and use more natural products this discovery was amazing. I bought a soap that was called tobacco flower and don’t let the name fool you, this soap smells amazing & it’s ultra buttery. I still have to try this but I can’t wait. I’m planning to visit the store soon, maybe a organic haul soon?









The other place that I absolutely loved was Poshly Boutique By N’s. This is a boutique that will open it’s doors very soon in Renaissance Marketplace Aruba. They have such beautiful and delicate pieces of clothes, I fell in love. As a minimalism I was skeptical because I want to avoid more shopping sprees as possible but I found a gorgeous feminine piece that actually fit, so I bought it. I’m a pretty simple person but I definitely needed a feminine piece in my closet. I can’t wait for them to open their doors.

Additionally, we visited the Aruba Vision Center booth. Here we where able to try on different types of glasses and also check our vision. I stuck to trying the glasses and it was a different & fun experience. Normally you can’t go and try all the glasses you want but here it was possible to try different glasses and discover what you like best.

During this event different people gave different talks, presentations and shows. The one I was able to attend was the talk/presentation by Ali. You can find her at Zhuzhedbyali and she gave such an amazing presentation on personal style, how you can find yours and create it and much more. She inspired me to start looking further in order to find my personal style. And also I loved her presentation so much that I was so engaged, that I forgot to take out my phone and  take a picture.

During this event many other places where present but these places where the ones that really stood out to me and the presentation was the one that really caught my attention and one of the few I was able to attend. I think this was a really nice event because there where also plus size models modeling for different companies which gave the people an idea what they can find in store. Normally on a Sunday we don’t have much to do and this was a fun outing, a huge applause to all the ones who made it possible.

Lastly, there where also makeup boots available but I didn’t really go into details with these because as you may know I’m trying to buy more animal friendly and natural makeup. This is not easy because I love beauty products but the only brand I bought from was Wet N’ Wild. I only bought a liquid lipstick in a peachy color because I don’t need more makeup products but this was something I do change a lot, the lip product.


img_9606    img_9603






Well loves this was it for the Curvy Celebration Expo of this year. I hope you found this blog post interesting and found some new information just like I did. Question to the Aruban beauties, Did you attend this event?

Question of the day! Do you know any of these brands or do you have other natural/animal friendly/vegan brands I could try?

Thank you so much for reading and checking out my blog.

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Thank you so much for checking my blog, I highly appreciate it and I hope you liked it as well. Remember to take care of yourself. 

Love, Rachel

















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